Grant Telecom
Service since 1985


Since 1985 Grant Telecom has served companies in the southern California area with security, cabling and telecommunications service

Proven expertise and experiance in these related technoloigies means customers are only one call away from having all the communications needs met.


We are designers. Our combined knowlege in telecommunications, seurity and cabling gives customers creative options other vendors cannot match. Working from an on-sight inspection, and architect's drawings, or a contractor's blueprints, we can design an up-to-date communications system that will meet your present and future needs.

Sometimes out-of-the-box solutions work. Sometimes. But generally you’ll find that while the “canned approach” solves some of your security or telecommunication needs, it just doesn't cover everything. Enter Alternative Telecommunications and its creative design capabilities.

Creative system designs means meeting all of your needs with hardware, cabling and software optimized to your particular problems or needs. For example, you may need to link several buildings together – whether those buildings are in a complex or separate towns. We can do that for you, allowing you to access your data from work or from home…or anywhere else in the world!


We train our technicians to tailor all installations to specific customer needs, and to complete each project in a neat and timely manner, using the most reliable products available. For example, we can tell not only whether cabling is properly configured and in accordance with local codes but also whether or not its performance is compromised by transmission losses.

Changing security systems? Going to door entry/card access system? We can integrate this through your existing telephone system! No need for a separate intercom system. We can seamlessly connect a door box at the entry door and tie it into all your telephones, even your cordless telephones. For example, our combined knowledge in telecommunications and security gives customers multiple options such as linking together buildings within a complex and controlling points of entrance and egress.


We have the know how to recommend the best solution for each customer, be they a small, mid-size or large company; whether they need a traditional circuit-based system or packet-based VoIP, we can design, install and support any of the communication products and configurations on the market.

Our expertise in telecommunications, security and cabling yields multiple options for our customers, and we will gladly consult with you to offer design, installation and pricing options to best meet your telecommunication needs.

We can advise your company on how to integrate remote offices, whether in a complex or in separate towns; how to use technology to give customers access to their data from home or anywhere else in the world; how to integrate door entry/card access through your existing telephone system; how to use your cell phone to grant you multiple points of access to your building.

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