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Telephone Systems

The primary market for our telephone systems are small or mid-size businesses looking for the most cost effective way to use their phone system, by configuring it for “least cost routing.” Our design, installation and product features ensure the phone system not only performs efficiently but also cost-effectively.

We design and install telephone systems that give a company control over incoming and outgoing calls and prevent unwarranted long distance charges. The result is more efficient communications, managed costs, and detailed accountability on how, when and why a company’s phones are being used.


Today’s Technology

Today's cutting edge technology can convert a basic telephone system into a control hub for faster service, improved accountability and in creased employee performance. We have the experience and the skilled staff to design, install and support any of these technologies:

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)
  • Digital Telephone Systems
  • Unified Messaging
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), technology allows you to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. VoIP leverages the power of the Internet. It can lower your costs between office locations or allow you to work from home or virtually any location, anywhere in the world. VoIP requires a high speed Internet connection, either through a cable modem, or high speed services such as DSL or a local area network. VoIP equalizes the costs of long distance calls, local calls, and e-mails to fractions of a penny per use. More importantly, VoIP empowers businesses to mold and customize telecom and datacom solutions using a single, cohesive networking platform.

    Digital Telephone Systems

    Digital telephone technology has almost entirely replaced older analog systems. It cuts costs, improves the quality of voice services, and is of great value for network services that need to transfer data speedily over telephone lines. By leveraging unique capabilities of digital voicemail, Caller ID, and off-premise call transfers, we can improve the way you communicate with prospects, clients, co-workers, and vendors. Whether considering a traditional circuit based system or a packet based (VoIP) phone system, Alternative Telecommunications can recommend, design and install a wide variety of telephony solutions. Alternative Telecommunications has the experience and resources in design of Allworx, Vodavi, Vertical, NEC systems to mention a few.

    Unified Messaging

    Unified Messaging is the integration of different streams of communication (e-mail, Fax, voice, video, etc.) into a single, or, unified 'message store', accessible from a variety of different devices. For example, unified messaging can include an auto attendant function (“If you know your party’s extension, enter it now.”) and gives multiple people in an office the ability to receive a private message. It also enables them to send voicemail to email accounts accessible from their computers and check it while you are on your computer, and send text messages to phones. Unified Messaging are increasingly accepted in the business environment to enhance and improve business processes as well as services.

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